Hermitage Equity Partners : Business Acquisitions and Value Creation

A Catalyst for Corporate Transformation

Hermitage Equity Partners is a middle market private equity investment firm dedicated to building market-leading companies in partnership with experienced, motivated management teams. As a company moves through the phases of its life cycle, there may be a need for additional capital and ownership initiative to help the company achieve its next level of growth and profitability. Hermitage Equity Partners is dedicated to serving as a catalyst for such a transformation by providing the capital, management incentives, corporate infrastructure, and strategic and operational support needed to help its portfolio companies reach their full potential for success.

Our philosophy is to partner with talented management teams, provide them with access to world-class operating resources and patient capital, and develop positive, open and constructive relationships that foster business growth and value creation. The Principals and Operating Advisors of Hermitage Equity Partners have over 150 years of combined business experience across a wide range of industries. We have formed our firm in order to apply our business skills in support of our management teams as they build extraordinary value in our portfolio investments.