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For Business Owners

A Reliable Financial Partner, Experienced in Business Acquisitions

We know that selling your business represents the culmination of a life’s work spent building something of significant value, not only to the owner, but also to the management team, employees and the local economy. A business owner’s decision to sell his company presents conflicting emotions. On the one hand, there is the desire for liquidity and asset diversification. On the other hand, there is a continuing pride of ownership and a desire to see your life’s work continue in its present form.


Hermitage Equity Partners understands and appreciates these inherently emotional decisions and pledges to work diligently and discretely to provide you with the liquidity event you have justifiably earned. Whether you desire to cash-out and retire or remain involved with a continuing equity interest, we have the prior experience and flexibility to cater to both your personal and career objectives.

We are eager to meet with you and your management team in order to better understand your objectives and creatively structure a transaction that addresses these objectives.