Advisors Role - Hermitage Equity Partners : Business Acquisitions and Value Creation

The Role of Our Operating Advisors

Hermitage Equity Partners is an operationally-oriented private equity firm. As such, we have assembled an outstanding team of Operating Advisors in order to assist the management teams of our portfolio companies in business optimization and growth. All of the firm’s Operating Advisors have successfully built and grown companies, generating significant wealth for themselves and their investors in the process. Through these experiences, our Operating Advisors have a deep understanding of the profitability and growth drivers of their respective industries and enjoy mentoring other executives. Their role is to help our management teams achieve comparable successes in their own careers.

The Operating Advisors of Hermitage Equity Partners are active in our evaluation of, investment in and oversight of our portfolio companies. Our Operating Advisors serve on the boards of the firm’s portfolio companies and share their industry expertise, business insights and relationships with our management teams. Moreover, our Operating Advisors work closely with our management teams to implement important value-creating projects for our portfolio companies and establish appropriate responsibilities and timelines for their execution.

Our experience tells us that no two business situations are the same, but most share common problems and opportunities that can be addressed by consistent approaches. We understand how to apply that learning to enhance our portfolio companies.